PLC Simulator Software Program (Free)- Program and view the PLC simulation!

PLC simulator diagram and PLC simulation
PLC simulator diagram and PLC simulation
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The PLC Simulator by the Learning Pit is truly a great PLC simulation program (PSIM).

Great for teaching yourself how PLC's work and how to write PLC ladder logic. Best of all this PLC simulator software is FREE!

This PLC simulator has several 3D simulations you can write a PLC program for.

  • Basic I/O simulator to test out any program on, watch the LED's and activate the PLC inputs.
  • Batch mixer PLC simulator
  • Conveyor based filling line Simulator
  • Traffic light PLC Simulation

This software has a Logic editor that allows you to create and edit PLC programs using Allen Bradley PLC-2 family instructions. This is the most common platform of PLC's used in todays PLC market in the US.

Below are examples of the inputs and outputs within the simulation programs.

Automated filling system

  • Operator Station Panel and controls
  • Hopper with motorized chute control
  • Conveyor Motor and positioning sensors
  • Product Level Sensor
  • Visual PLC Data Table Display including timers and counters

Batch Mixing system Simulation

  • 2 filler pumps and piping
  • 2 flow meters on filler lines
  • 1 mixing motor
  • 1 high level sensor
  • 1 low level sensor
  • 1 gas fired heater (controlled valve)
  • 1 temperature sensor
  • 1 discharge pump
  • 1 discharge flow meter
  • 1 Visual PLC Data Table display including timers and counters

PLC ladder logic simulator software package PSIM